Stay cancellation

For cancellations up to 30 days before arrival, the full amount of the deposit paid will be transferred into a voucher and can be used within 2 years for a future reservation of the same or longer duration of the booked stay.
From 29 to 15 days will be charged 50% of the reservation.
From 14 to 3 days before arrival will be charged 80% of the reservation.
From 2 days before arrival, late arrival, early departure, no show the penalty is 100% as per booking confirmation.

These cancellation policies are valid for direct bookings with the hotel.

To protect the health and safety of our guests, we advise all of them to purchase insurance to plan a holiday in the name of tranquility: in addition to protection from cancellation, CARE4UHOTEL offers assistance and support for your stay in the hotel, for example in case of interruption of the trip or involuntary extension of the holiday. For this, to protect you from the expenses related to the hotel, we recommend CARE4UHOTEL.

All information about CARE4UHOTEL, as well as an overview of the services, can be found on the website .

The amount of the stay used as the basis for calculating the cancellation and the insured amount is net of any extras (for example: skipass, garage, cot, etc...).

For more information (including the amount to be insured) please contact us!

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